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I am guessing zat you mean ze ‘ship’ zat is moi, Angleterre and L’Amerique?

It would, of course, be a deliciously ‘ot relationship, and threesomes are always fun~ Especially if ze people you are wiz just ‘appen to ‘ave been riled up by you before and think zat it is a good form of punishment, not thinking zeir decision through and zen realising at ze end zat ze punishment was somezing zat you would enjoy~ Ohonhonhon~

Ah, sorry, I got distracted, cher. To answer your question though, I think it would be a very ‘ot and sexy threesome and it should become reality some time soon. Unfortunately, after ze last time, Angleterre swore never to ‘ave sex wiz me again. Ahhh, ‘ow I wish it could ‘appen again zough~

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    oi, I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about that?
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