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Bonjour, mon followers~!

I am just letting you know zat from Monday I will, once again, be answering ze asks zat you sent moi~! I ‘ave gotten a new laptop and am looking forwards to talking to all of you wonderful people once again~! ;) I ‘ope you can all forgive me for being gone for so long, I ‘ave missed you all far more zan you will realise.

Au revoir for now, mon chers~ ;)

Ah, mon cher, ‘ow about only on ze bed, hmmm~? ;)

Zere are so many things zat I could teach you, I would make you feel like a queen and treat you wiz ze love and respect you deserve whilst showing you ‘ow why I am called ze country of love~! Ohonhonhon~ ;)

But what you say you would do does sound wonderful, it sounds peaceful and loving~

I am sure zat you would be a wonderful girlfriend and any guy would be lucky to ‘ave you~ <3


I am guessing zat you mean ze ‘ship’ zat is moi, Angleterre and L’Amerique?

It would, of course, be a deliciously ‘ot relationship, and threesomes are always fun~ Especially if ze people you are wiz just ‘appen to ‘ave been riled up by you before and think zat it is a good form of punishment, not thinking zeir decision through and zen realising at ze end zat ze punishment was somezing zat you would enjoy~ Ohonhonhon~

Ah, sorry, I got distracted, cher. To answer your question though, I think it would be a very ‘ot and sexy threesome and it should become reality some time soon. Unfortunately, after ze last time, Angleterre swore never to ‘ave sex wiz me again. Ahhh, ‘ow I wish it could ‘appen again zough~

What do I think about L’Amerique~? Well, I think ‘e is uncouth and does not be’ave in a proper manner and ‘is eating ‘abits are, well, let us say less zan sanitary.

'owever, I can nto deny zat at 'eart 'e is a good man, maybe a little paranoid, but a good man none ze less.

And let us not forget about zat deliciously ‘ot body of ‘is~ ;) Ohonhonhon~

(N’awww thank ou so much ;3; It makes me happy knowing that people like my cosplay xD)

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